Dancing Room

come on down every tue night 6-7.30! At The Reading room on Hindley, Adelaide.

Fleurieu Vista Prize

This work Rapid Bay Road, (79 x 64 cm, acrylic and pastel on paper) won first prize recently in the Fleurieu Vista category of the Fleurieu Art Prize!

The Weed Kitchen Menu

The Weed Kitchen

Below is a menu list from The Weed Kitchen, all served on fresh cabbage leaf bowls.

  • Mallow and Almond Pesto

Mallow (steamed), almond (soaked), sunflower seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic.

  • Weed Pie Nana’s Crust Style

wild spinach, nettle, Mallow, Nannas crust.

  • Finnochio (fennel) Weed Pie Greek Style

50% fennel, 50% any other winner greens, enlcosed in a flat pie from hand spread basic flour dough.

  • Grilled Nopales

Young prickly pear pads on the bbq with a little salt pepper and olive oil.

  • Cold Nopale Salad.

Steamed nopales, fried onion, olives, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper.

  • Wood Sorrel and Loquat Guacamole,

Loquat, wood sorrel, avocado, tomato, salt, pepper, olive oil.

  • Wild Winners Salad

Wild greens tossed with edible flowers dressed in loquat, carob and mustard.

  • Seasonal Fruit Platter

Prickly Pears (3 variaties), loquats and mulberries.

  • Nasturtium Leaf Kangaroo with Spring Onion

Kangaroo mince with spring onion wrapped in Nasturtium Leaf on the barbeque grill

  • Nettle Tonic

Fresh nettle tea on ice.